Communicating Effectively

The following are important communication principles during the Interview:

  • Your voice - how you say it is as important as what you say.
  • Body language - a subject in its own right and something about which much has been written and said. In essence, your body movements express what your attitudes and thoughts really are.
  • Speak clearly. Don't shout or whisper.
  • Don't rush, or talk deliberately slowly.
  • Deliberately pause at key points.
  • Avoid jokes - always disastrous unless you are a natural expert.
  • A skilled conversationalist understands that certain subjects are best avoided in casual conversation with people one doesn’t know well.
  • Controversial issues like: abortion, politics, and religion should be avoided.

Art of Listening

  • The benefits of listening are:
  • You acknowledge others and often increase their self-esteem.
  • You acknowledge yourself and learn a considerable amount about how you think and feel when you listen to yourself.
  • You create a space for the release of tension and stress through the constructive sharing of thoughts and ideas.
  • You earn respect and loyalty from those who work with you.
  • You increase your ability to negotiate.
  • Communicate that you are listening through gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, and body language.

Last Updated: 04/28/2014

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