The Therapy Job Application Process Process

The Job Application Process process is a little like playing the lottery. You have to buy a ticket. In other words, you have to fill out an application. This can be a time consuming project, but not if you have all of your resources lined up. If you have letters of recommendation and strong references already signed up your halfway done. In a sense you are marketing yourself on paper. Many applicants take this opportunity and turn it into a disaster. If the email address on your application is, you will not be taken seriously.

The following are some key tips for your resume:

  • The goal of a layout is convey professionalism, credentials, and readability.
  • Bright pink or blue resume paper is not preferred.
  • You want the reader to get a good first impression and make your resume standout without appearing unprofessional.
  • You may want to consider adding a summary type paragraph to your resume.
  • You don't want to overuse bold and italics on the resume.
  • If your GPA is not great, you may want to have a brief explanation.
  • Make sure your resume is grammatically correct. Careless spelling errors will get your resume placed in file 13.

The following are some key tips for your cover letter:

  • Conveys professionalism in a snapshot.
  • Indicates your written communication skills.
  • Offers a brief moment to highlight personal skills and abilities.
  • Identifies the job you are applying for.
  • Provides the opportunity to stand out for other applicants.
  • Provides contact information that is repeated on the resume.
  • Always consider your objectives and reasons for applying for this particular job.
  • Generally one page in length.
  • Identifies what abilities you bring to the workforce.
  • Conveys commitment of preparation time and thought about a position.

Key Point

The Job Application Process is a yes or no indicator. Yes, we will interview this person, or no we will not. If you don't get the interview, you cannot sell yourself and remember that you are your best salesperson.

Last Updated: 04/28/2014

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