Therapy Job References/Letters of Recommendation

Your references should not be people who are borderline on your commitment to your profession. During school and in the workplace make sure to build relationships with people who can become solid references. That way when you are filling out your Job Application Process your reference choices will be well defined. If your application requires letters of recommendation you have the opportunity to shine. Provide the individuals that are writing the letters of recommendation with a fact sheet about your accomplishments. The recommender should know you well enough to give a true assessment of your skills and abilities.

Make sure that a recommender knows all of the requirements for the letter and has the necessary contact information. If your references may be called verify their contact information is correct on your Job Application Process. Always protect your letters of recommendation from the elements. Keep them in a safe place where they cannot be damaged.

In the healthcare profession there is little margin for error. Allied health therapists must pay attention to even the smallest details.

Here are some of the key points related to references:

  • Make sure you have the correct contact information on the application for your references.
  • Place your best references first on the list. Most interviewers will start at the top calling references. They may not even get down to the last references if the first references are extremely strong and well credentialed.
  • Make sure your letters of recommendation are attached to your resume and cover letter. When 20 resumes and supporting documentation are sitting on an interviewer's test, you don't want your information to get lost.
  • Make sure that your references know approximately when they may get a phone call.
  • Remember, letters of recommendation and references only help you get the interview. What you do during the Interview is up to you.

Last Updated: 04/28/2014

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